About OnRoute

It’s time to get un-stuck with money and stop letting money hold you back.

You have some big things you want to accomplish, and you want to feel good about the finances before making any decisions.  Butttttt you don’t know where to turn. I get it, girl. It’s hard to know where to get financial information, advice, and understand how things apply to you.  Not to mention, being a human and experiencing money fears and anxieties.

I’m Kristy Runzer, the boss babe in charge around here.  When I started as a 23 year old women in the financial services industry, let’s just say I was a unicorn in that world (because I wasn’t a 55 year old white dude).  During that time, I helped hundreds of families with financial planning and earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation.

Now, I’m developing personalized, educational and action oriented programs for ambitious, go-getter women to make financial planning accessible, simple, and fun.  

Over here, there are noooo judgements, just support and advice! So that when your next big life or business decision is coming up, you have a finance girl on call, and you leave feeling confident and armed with the knowledge you need to put your dreams into action.

I can’t wait to get to know you and work with you!  Check out how we can work together.

Plus, once you know what you want, I know you’re going to stop at nothing to make it happen!