About OnRoute

You’ve been hustlin’ to grow your business and doing a great job making money. You’ve hit $100,000 and beyond in revenue, and you’re continuing to grow.

You just don’t feel like you have a handle on your finances. You’ve got your bookkeeper and accountant, but you’re missing the strategic and future-focused planning.

As an entrepreneur, your business and personal finances are so connected that it leaves you feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to make intentional and smart financial decisions.

Hi, I’m Kristy – the financial planner for entrepreneurs.

I work with established business owners who feel totally overwhelmed with how to manage their money. I help them strategically plan and manage their finances so that they can reach their goals in a simple and effective way.

I’ve always had dreams of owning a business, and I love math! So I figured I’d try out this finance thing. Since all businesses involve money, I’d have the flexibility to pursue whatever industry I wanted.

I was your typical “traditional” financial planner. 

Finance ended up being the industry I pursued, and like the crazy person that I am, I went for it right out of college and started my first financial planning practice.

When I started it was all about personal finance. I spent the first 5 years of my career working as your more “traditional” financial planner – aka working with pre-retirees who “had money to invest.” 

I helped hundreds of families with financial planning, wealth management, and insurance needs, and earned the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERdesignation.

About 2 years ago, I was over it.

After a few months of lounging on the couch binging Netflix, I knew something was wrong. I still loved financial planning, but wanted to serve a different type of client. I wanted to work with entrepreneurs like me. 

I wanted to serve the entrepreneur whose out there growing their business and going for their big life goals and dreams. 

Financial planners seemed to talk at clients about investing and saving for retirement, but I knew entrepreneurs have other concerns. They need support with things like buying houses, getting married, having kids, paying off debt, and managing their cash flow.

Money mistakes — I’ve been there.

I made all the mistakes – forgetting to save for taxes, not knowing my numbers, being reactive instead of strategically using my finances to forecast and plan ahead, not leveraging my business to create the results I wanted.

Spreadsheets became my best friend. 

I put my head down and figured out how to manage my finances as a business owner – keeping my books organized, looking at my numbers, interpreting my numbers in a strategic way so that I could make decisions with more ease, understanding things like profit and paying myself, how to be efficient with my time and money, making investment decisions, and how to pay down debt effectively. 

I developed systems and habits to support me, so that I could keep on top of it with little time and a lot of ease.

Business and personal finances are so connected.

Throughout my 7 years as a financial planner and an entrepreneur, I’ve learned a lot about business – how to grow, set up systems, and manage my finances.

As I continued to grow my business, I realized just how integrated my business finances were with my personal finances. Even though I was a personal financial planner, I was learning how to manage my business finances along the way. 

After that, I knew that entrepreneurs needed both personal and business financial advice delivered in a holistic way. Our businesses and lives are so connected that it only makes sense to take a comprehensive view of all the different moving pieces and use that information to inform strategic decision making.

At the same time, I was struggling with my money mindset. I felt stressed out and had a lot of negative self-talk running through my head. I was afraid to talk about it because of fear of judgment, and I felt really alone.

As I worked through my own issues with money, I knew I had to help other entrepreneurs with the hard lessons I have learned.

Now I get to help people like you to create and maintain simple and strategic plans for your goals, all while making it feel like you’re talking to a supportive friend who’s got your back

I get so giddy when I see clients who are stepping into their financial power. Seeing the excitement they have when they can finally use their numbers in a fun and exciting way has me doing all the happy dances. 

Clients are paying off debt, investing, being intentional with their money, and really stepping into living a life they enjoy without the burden of worrying about their finances. 

When I’m not nerding out over a spreadsheet, you may find me chillin out with loved ones, enjoying the great outdoors, eating all the food, moving my body, or binging on the latest reality or true crime series.

I’m a Philly girl but work with clients virtually from the comfort of their own space.

Let’s get to know each other and have a chat about money and how you can continue to grow on your journey.

Get some time on my calendar here – I can’t wait to get to know you!