Work with Kristy

Mindful Spending

Sick of traditional budgeting and feeling like you live paycheck to paycheck – no matter how much money you make?!  This program digs into the mindset of spending and savings and helps you create a plan that you will actually stick with.

Financial Planning

You’ve got big goals you’re working towards but money is holding you back.  Your finances are overwhelming and you need help.  Work with a financial planner to gain clarity on where you want to go and where you are now.  Create and work a financial plan that is personal to your goals and situation.

Financial Coaching

You want to get the financial education that you never got in school.  You want to make progress on your finances but you don’t know how.  Work with a financial coach for education, action steps, and accountability.

Want to start practicing financial self care on your own terms?

Grab the Financial Self Care Starter Kit

About OnRoute

OnRoute Financial is a financial planning and coaching company on a mission to make financial advice accessible, simple, and fun!  We believe in empowering women through education, community, and service.

Think of OnRoute as a safe place to talk about money, be heard, and receive the advice, action and accountability that you need to achieve your goals.  We break it down into small and simple action steps, so that you can confidently build wealth, without feeling anxious or overwhelmed

We create customized financial plans for couples and female entrepreneurs, and we’re here to help you with your finances on your journey of living your best life – whatever that looks for you.