You’re embarrassed you’re still paying off that credit card, not saving as much as you want, and hustling to get the cash you want out of your business.

You should be beyond those things by now. You should be further ahead.

You feel like you’re behind, and the idea of catching up feels overwhelming.

Have you felt that way before? It’s okay to feel that way.

Those are common thoughts and feelings for human beings to have about money. You’re not alone in that.

But those feelings of “being behind” don’t serve you, and I prefer to look at it another way.

What if…

Your life is unfolding exactly as it’s meant to. You don’t need to be 5 steps ahead of where you are right now.

The place you’re at right now has gotten you from where you were before to where you are now.

The place you’re at right now is teaching you new lessons and helping you grow in ways that are needed to get to the next level.

It may feel slow, but you’re learning and growing at the exact right pace.

Have some patience as you bring your vision to life.

Trust that it’s all going to work out for you.

Be kind to yourself and enjoy the journey.

You can’t rush the process, so why not just release control and have some fun along the way.

Focus on being grateful for where you are and what you have right now.

Trust that if you keep showing up, serving, and doing the things you know you need to do, that you’re going to get to where you want to be.