Have you ever wondered, “How the heck do I grow my business and make more money?!”

Oftentimes, there are practical answers and steps to be taken.  Other times, it’s all in the business owner’s headspace. It’s the mindset that is preventing growth.  

I’m going to share 5 common limiting beliefs that may be holding you back when it comes to growing your business, and some thoughts on how you can shift your perspective to allow yourself to make the money you want.


1. You feel like making more money and going for what you want means you have to give something up.  

Think about the answer to this question:  What will you lose if you make more money?

For example, you may feel like if you make more money, you have to give up time spent with family.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…. It’s not “money OR family.”  It can very much be “money AND family” (or whatever it is you think you’re going to lose).  Just because you’re making more money, does not mean you have to give up the things that matter most in life.

More money means greater freedom and choices about how you can live your most authentic and fulfilling life, and do as much good as you desire!


2. You can’t get clear on what you want because of conflicting opinions and focusing on what others say you “should” be doing.

If this is happening to you, you may feel frustrated.  Probably because you’re doing all these things, yet you’re still not fulfilled.

The things you’re doing may be based off of what someone said you “should” do, or they shared an opinion with you, and you internalized that as reality.  Basically, you’re listening to others, and not yourself.

Tap into your heart and your intuition.  The answers to what you desire are within yourself.  Then you can take action that will get you closer to a place of fulfillment, happiness, freedom, etc.


3. You feel like you don’t deserve to make more money or live a certain life.

“If I make more money, I’m taking away from someone else,” or “I’m not worthy to make more money.”  Have you had any thoughts similar to those?

This keeps you from going after what you want because who are you to live a life where you receive so many amazing experiences and opportunities?!

The things that you desire do not make you selfish or greedy.  They make you a person who wishes to live an authentic, fulfilling and happy life.

To get a little “woo,” your desires are given to you by the universe, and it’s your unique purpose to carry out those desires over your lifetime.


4. You’re not allowing yourself to grow by staying stuck in your current situation.

This is that awkward position of “I know I’m not totally fulfilled, but I don’t know what I want, and I’m not doing anything to figure it out.”

You’re stuck.  There is something preventing you from tapping into your intuition and figuring out what it is that you want, and then taking action to start going for it.

Well, I’ll tell ya, you are meant to grow and thrive, make an impact, enjoy the time you have on earth.  Growing into the best and most authentic version of yourself, costs money.  Therefore, you are meant to grow and make more money, so that you can do just that.  


5. You’re scared of who you’ll become if you make more money.

This blocker comes from a deep rooted belief that rich people are ____ (greedy, selfish, evil).

Think about the answer to this question: Who are you afraid you’ll become if you have money?

Yes, there are rich people who aren’t great people.  There are also poor people who aren’t great people. There are also rich people who are really great people.

Think about all the good and real change you can make if you had more money.  Just because you have money, does not mean you are an evil person. Having money will only further expand the reach of your impact and the way you can help others.

Also, the definition of rich is different for everyone.  It doesn’t have to be some big fancy materialistic life.  For me, being rich is living a life rich in experiences, love, and happiness, and becoming the best and most authentic version of myself.


Do you feel like any of these limiting beliefs are holding you back from getting to that next level in your business?  Maybe you have felt this way in the past, and have done some work to overcome your limiting beliefs. It’s also possible you have some of these beliefs but they’re still living in your subconscious, beyond your awareness.
If any of this is resonating with you and you need a girlfriend to talk about it with, I got you!  Schedule a money chat with me, and we can hash it all out.