Do you feel like money is holding you back from reaching your goals?

You can’t seem to pay off that credit card, increase your income, save for your goals, or maybe it’s that you’re avoiding your finances.

Whatever it is, you’re not getting the results that you want.

Practical financial strategies are great and definitely help, but many times, the problem is being caused by a money mindset block.

A money mindset block is a thought or belief about money that holds you back from reaching your goals and feeling good about your money.

When you have a money mindset block, you’re in a state of lack.

A lack mindset is when there’s not enough. Not enough money, not enough clients, you’re not enough. It shows up as negative beliefs and thoughts.  

“I’m not good at managing money.”

“I don’t deserve to get paid for this.”

“This person’s already doing this so I won’t be successful.”

A lack mindset holds you back from reaching your goals. Because if you believe negative things about yourself and your money, then that’s what’s going to become your reality.

What you believe becomes your truth.

When you can shift to a mindset of abundance, you can start achieving your goals and feeling great about your money.

An abundance mindset is when there’s enough to go around for everyone. There’s enough money, enough clients, you are enough. It shows up as positive beliefs and thoughts.

“Money is flowing freely and easily to me.”

“Money is a tool that helps me reach my goals.”

“There are plenty of clients for me and all my competitors.”

Do you see how thinking abundantly feels so much better? What’s crazy cool about all of this is that when you can shift your mindset to think this way and truly believe it, you will see your results change and begin achieving your goals like never before.

Are you with me here?  Do you feel like shifting to a more positive and abundant mindset can help you get better results?

I wasn’t always a believer, but at a certain point, my negative and lack mindset wasn’t working, and I thought, why not try this abundance thing, since nothing else seems to be working.

This is a journey, and it’s not always easy. You’ll find yourself facing fears and discomfort, but it’s worth it.

The shifts in your results and feeling better about your money is worth it.

So how do you know if you have a money mindset block?

Typically this first shows up as “I’m not getting the results I want.”

You may struggle to pay off credit card debt. You may not be able to hit sales goals. You may find that you never have money to save, even as you make more and more money. You may find yourself fighting with your partner about money.

It could also be that you’ve noticed that you feel crappy about money. You say really negative things to yourself about money. You don’t believe that you can change your situation and you’re just meant to be poor, or bad at money, or whatever your thing is.

Once you know where you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to learn about those negative money thoughts that are holding you back.

It’s all about gaining awareness. Paying attention to your thoughts, words, and beliefs around money can tell you a lot about your money mindset. You don’t even necessarily have to take action right away, this first step is just about being an observer.

Really get clear on how you think and feel about money, almost like a scientist who is gathering data for an experiment. You’re kinda like a third party who is learning how your mind works with money.

Anytime you’re dealing with money or thinking about money, take a second to slow down and listen to the things that are going on in your head.

Awareness is the first step. Please please please try not to judge yourself! It’s easy to start beating yourself up for your money thoughts, but there’s no need for judgment. Remember, you’re just gathering data so that you can work to overcome your money mindset blocks.

I know you can do this. I’m here to support you and be a girlfriend that you can talk to about money with ZERO judgment. If you want to talk this through, schedule a free money chat with me. I’m here for you!