When it comes to finances, things don’t always turn out as expected. You may feel like you’re behind. You may think you’re doing a bad job or like you’ve made a lot of mistakes. We notice “flaws” and begin to beat ourselves up.

Then comes the negative self-talk. “The world is ending, I suck at life,” type of feelings.

You start doubting yourself and questioning what you’re doing – “I should know how to do this” or “I’m just someone who’s bad with money.”

Why is it that we put such high standards on ourselves to be perfect overnight?

There’s no such thing as perfect, and it takes time to develop new knowledge and skills.

You never learned this stuff in school, from your parents, and you’re not a professional financial planner.

No one has it all figured out, and you’re definitely not alone with where you are.

This is a skill and something that takes time to cultivate. It doesn’t happen overnight. You’ll learn one lesson and then a new challenge will come up, and you’ll face challenges and obstacles all over again. It’s a normal part of the journey.

I don’t expect to know how to market my business, diagnose medical conditions, or prepare a tax return without help, because it’s not my area of expertise, and there’s nothing wrong with that. 

The negative energy of beating yourself up isn’t helping either. When you’re in that headspace, it’s harder to seek solutions and take action. It’s easier to stay stuck avoiding your finances.

It’s okay not to have it all figured out. It’s okay to need help.

When you notice that you’re beating yourself up, practice giving yourself grace.

It’s a journey. It’s a process. You can 100% do it, and I don’t doubt that. It’s okay to make mistakes. It’s okay to feel like you’re behind.

Give yourself grace and be kind to yourself. You’re learning a new skill. The more you practice and show up, the better you’ll get.