Money is one of the most taboo, hush-hush, don’t talk about it, topics out there.

It’s loaded with more emotions than an episode of “This is Us” or that scene in “The Notebook” where Allie and Noah lay in bed, holding hands, as they peacefully pass on – talk about a tear jerker!

On top of that, the range of money emotions is certainly a roller coaster.  There’s joy, excitement, comfort, security, and hope. On the flip side, we got shame, fear, anxiety, overwhelm, and guilt. Talk about screwing with your mind. Am I right?!

So what’s a girl to do? How do you deal with that?

One of the best things I ever did in my business and my life was to find communities of like-minded women.  Women who understand what it’s like trying to stay sane and feel like a normal person with a fulfilling life, all while growing a business that is filled with passion, purpose, and brings in the bacon.

Having people I can go to for any topic to be a support system, not judge me, listen and really hear me, relate to me, and let me know I’m not alone – holy guacamole, it’s been seriously life changing.

My girl gang has my back. They’re the people that help keep me on track, lift me up when I’m feeling down, help me to grow, and are on this journey right by my side.

So why do I share all this? Because this is so applicable to money too!  Especially since this is such a difficult and emotional topic. Having that support system is huge!

It’s tough though because who can you talk to about money?   Not the people in your life who constantly tell you to go get a “real job.”  Not anyone who makes you feel less than, or judged.

You’ve got enough going on with money in your own head.  You don’t need someone else telling you what you “should” be doing or making you feel any type of negative way.

But you also can’t stay in your own head with the money stuff. The negative feelings and feeling alone aren’t going to help you overcome your money blockers and get to the next level.  At least this is true for me. Can you relate?

You need to talk it out. You need someone who will listen, hear you, and support you, with ZERO judgement. You may also need someone to offer advice or possible solutions, a plan and a strategy to help you get un-stuck.


I’m going to share a few thoughts on who you can talk to about money, and remember, if you don’t feel supported and uplifted by someone, find someone else!  

There are people who can act as “cheerleaders,” people who can help you with your money mindset, and people who can offer advice and practical solutions, or even take financial tasks off your plate.


Friends and family – Be careful with this one. I have some friends or family that I won’t utter a peep to about money because their responses are super negative and really trigger me. But my husband, for example, is my #1 support system.  Anytime I’m having an emotional breakdown over money, he’s got my back. He gets me back on track and in the right headspace. He’s also a fellow entrepreneur and financial planner so he really understands me well, and we have an open dialogue about money.  

I also know that for many women, their significant other is not the person who makes them feel comfortable and supported around money, and if that’s where you are, that’s okay too.  It’s something you can work on together, and in the meantime, you can find support elsewhere.


Therapist – Sometimes your money issues run deep and a pep talk from a friend or family member isn’t going to do it for you.  It could also be a situation where you don’t feel supported from the people around you, and you need that licensed professional to help you work through mindset issues.  There’s no shame in that!


Coach – For my money mindset issues, I’ve worked with a mindset coach.  She helps me get clear on what matters most, work through my limiting beliefs around money, and cultivate an abundant mindset.  Among other things, I’ve learned to trust the process and get away from constantly feeling like I don’t have enough.


Financial professional – These individuals can offer advice and practical solutions.  Please don’t take financial advice from people who don’t have an intimate knowledge of your financial situation and goals and don’t have the knowledge to offer meaningful advice.  

Financial professionals are great too because you can even outsource financial tasks that you don’t want to do. There are accountants, bookkeepers, financial planners, investment managers, insurance brokers, etc. If you’re lucky you can even find a professional who will also support you and not judge you (like me!).


Groups or communities – I love my communities.  These may feel a little scary at first, especially if it’s related to money, but finding groups of people that you can talk to in a judgement free zone feels so good.  Having multiple perspectives and several people cheering you on is amazing. I also love groups because often times I’m unaware or unable to articulate an issue that I’m having, but another women in the group brings up that issue, and I’m suddenly flooded with “Yes, me too!”

I created a free community on Facebook, the Financial Self Care Club, to bring women together to support each other on this topic.  The women in there are truly amazing, and I’d love to have you join if it speaks to you!

If you’re sitting there feeling like you don’t really have that girlfriend you can talk to about money, with ZERO judgement, I got you girl.  I offer a free 30 minute money chat, and I’d love to talk it out with you. Get your time scheduled here.