You’re working towards some pretty big goals, and they’re kinda a big deal.

There’s just one tiny thing holding you back – your finances. You find yourself ignoring them or getting stuck.

You just can’t seem to get yourself motivated, and you’re left feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and ready to give up.

But WHY are you ignoring your finances? It could be that you have a money story holding you back.

So what is this thing called a money story? Your money story is comprised of the money messages you heard, saw, and observed about money. These messages can come from your family, society, culture, religion, peers, etc. Many of them were picked up when you were a younger kid.

Think about this: What do you remember your parents saying to you about money? What impressions do you have about budgeting, saving, investing, rich people, your relationship with money, your beliefs about money? These things are all part of your money story.

How is your money story connected to you avoiding your finances? Well, your money story influences the way you think and feel about money and your financial habits and actions (or lack thereof).

Some money stories are positive and create great money views and habits, so keep it up with areas that are going well. Other stories hold you back from prioritizing your finances and committing to give your finances the time and love they deserve.

What I love about this is that you can use your money story as a tool to learn about why you are the way you are with finances, and then use that knowledge to intentionally make shifts in your mindset, actions, and habits so that you can stop ignoring your finances and reach your goals.


So how do you do this?


First, start to notice the things you’re thinking and saying about money when you’re in the act of avoiding your finances.  What’s going on in your mind as you’re avoiding your finances – what things are you telling yourself, what are you saying out loud, what do you believe that keeps you from giving your finances some love?

Do you feel like you’re not good at it? Do you know you’re not going to like what you see so you avoid it? Do you get overwhelmed not knowing how to manage your money so you don’t bother?

Be honest and self aware about what that looks like for you, and dig in deep to the beliefs that you have about money. It often takes time to do this self reflection. I’d recommend something like journaling or meditation or whatever your thing is to create a space for you to gain clarity on what’s holding you back from confidently taking action on your finances.

You don’t have to rush this process either. When you know what you’re looking to discover, and if you stay open to receiving the information, clarity will come.


Second, once you’re aware of the underlying beliefs and thoughts that are holding you back, question where they came from. This is where the money story comes in. What past money messages did you receive that are causing the belief that’s holding you back?

For example, maybe you feel like you can’t figure out your finances because you didn’t get an A+ in math class so that means you’re “bad” at math.

Maybe you know you’re not going to like what you see and you’ll feel like a failure because you have a story that you’re not successful unless you’re making good money.

Ignoring your finances could come from a parent who would say “we’re fine with money, don’t worry about it,” so you don’t.

Are you with me here? Is this resonating at all?


Once you’re aware of your limiting beliefs and your money stories, you can start to release fears and shame and all the emotions, and form new beliefs that are more positive and help you feel at peace.

You can form new thoughts and beliefs that help you feel good about money. You can create financial habits that are simple and easy to follow anddd support you in taking action to reach your goals.

Shifting your mindset around money is a great tool to help you get past the blockers that you have that aren’t allowing you to take action.  It’s also great to dive in and start trying some more practical skills and educating yourself.


I’d love to offer you an opportunity to gain some financial education in a way that is fun, easy to follow, and a financial skill that you can use for the rest of your life.

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We’ll break down that big picture thinking into what you need to be focusing on in your finances right now.

You’ll also leave with a plan for how much money to be putting towards different goals so that you don’t have to question if you’re doing the “right things” with your money.
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