Sometimes you’re just not motivated to work on your finances.

You may get into avoidance mode or procrastinate doing the things you know you need to do with your money.

When those times come up, I’ve got an exercise for you. Finding your WHY for your money goals allows you to get to the root of what’s really motivating you.

In this exercise, you’ll go through your top money goals, and ask yourself why each goal is important to you. But you won’t just do this once. You’ll ask yourself why multiple times until you can find an answer that feels juicy and exciting to you.

Side note – your WHY will grow and evolve and change as you do. So no pressure to find the “perfect” why right away. Whatever comes up for you, run with it, and you can always come back to this exercise and reevaluate.

I’ll show you how this works using an example with a current financial goal of mine.

My #1 goal is to increase the revenue in my business.

WHY? I want to pay myself a higher salary

WHY? I want to save for a down payment for a new home. I love living in the city, but on the other end, I’m having my daughter soon, and I want to raise her in the suburbs, like how I grew up. We can have a yard, great public schools, and a bigger home for our expanding family.

WHY is this important? Family is my biggest value in life. I want to provide for my daughter and move into our dream home where we can create memories for years to come. This is a place where we will have so much love and joy.

I’m getting all the feels just thinking about it.

Do you notice the difference between “I want to increase my revenue” and “I want to provide for my daughter and create memories of love and joy.”

The more you ask yourself WHY, and the deeper you dig, the more you can tap into what’s truly motivating you.

This is what you come back to when you’re feeling unmotivated or catch yourself avoiding your finances.

Do this exercise and more in the free Money Goal Workbook. This will guide you in creating a big picture financial vision and a plan that you can focus on today.