Money can feel like a big SHOULD.

Just the thought of the “S” word makes my skin crawl.

“My dad says I should save 10% of my income for retirement.”

“I’m supposed to be debt-free so I should be super frugal and put all my money towards paying off debt.”

“My friend just bought this thing. I should go buy that thing.”

It’s all too common to set our money goals based on a big fat should. I’ve done this, and I see my clients do this all the time. That’s okay! No judgment.

We put pressure on ourselves for our finances to look a certain way, without actually taking a step back and thinking about what we want or what’s important to us.

The good news is that you get to set up your finances however you want. Based on what’s most important to you. It doesn’t matter what your parents think or what society says or what your friends are doing.

It’s your one life and you get to choose how you live it and set up your finances so they’re aligned with the life and business you want to create for yourself.

The practice is to release the “should’s” and discover what matters most to you.

Here are 3 exercises to get you going:

1. Financial freedom is here! How would you live your life?

Let’s say you never have to worry about money again. You have enough to live for the rest of your life. What changes would you make to your life, business, health, relationships, how you spend your time, etc?

Based on your answers, how can you start to live in closer alignment with those things now?

This exercise is about aligning with the energy of financial freedom, even if you’re still building wealth.

You don’t have to constantly focus on money and business. Start enjoying the freedom you’re creating for yourself.

2. The world is ending in 10 years – ahhh! What would you do with the time you have remaining?

Let’s say planet earth is destructing in 10 years. Life as you know it will be over.

With a limited amount of time left, what would you do?

This exercise really forces you to examine your mortality and the reality that we’re not going to be on this planet forever.

You don’t have to wait until this arbitrary date in the future to start living a life you love.

Start living a life you love now. Don’t wait until “someday” when your finances look a certain way.

3. Who do you want to BE in this life?

We focus a lot on “doing” and “having,” but how about “being?”

What type of person do you want to be?

This exercise gets you out of the energy of hustling and bustling and helps you to focus on who you are as a person and how you want to continue to grow as a human.

You don’t need to have a certain amount of money to be who you want to be.

Focus on being your best you now. You’ll notice your life and finances aligning more with what you truly want.

After completing these exercises, are you feeling more aligned with yourself and what you want? Have you released any “should’s?”

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