Dear Journal,

I read A LOT about financial freedom – reaching a point where you have enough money to live for the rest of your life.  You can choose to stop working, do the things you’ve always wanted to do, or whatever it is that financial freedom means to you.

I LOVE that conversation and think that it is important to be investing and building wealth so that you can create more choices and opportunities.

BUTTT I think that a lot of people feel like they “need to have the money” in order to live a life of freedom.  Almost like you can’t start enjoying certain things until you reach financial independence.

Have you ever felt like this?!  I know I have. The feeling that I can’t do something because “I don’t have enough money.”

Well, to heck with that!  I am OVER it. Freedom isn’t a financial thing, it’s a feeling. Yup, I said it.  You don’t need money in order to be free and live a happy life.  

I’ll let you in on a little secret, once you have money, those “voids” still aren’t filled.  You don’t find happiness or freedom all of a sudden. The problem isn’t the money. It’s something deeper within you.  Something that you CAN change, and you can start to change it yesterday.

So you may be thinking I’m totally crazy right now.  You may have one of these thoughts…


I hate [my job/this client/that service offering] but I need the money.

Been there!  I built a financially successful business that made six figures in revenue.  One day, I “woke up” and realized how unhappy I was. I had the money, but I still wasn’t satisfied.  

I realized I wasn’t passionate about who I was serving so I got rid of all of my clients and started fresh.  Now I intentionally working with female entrepreneurs, who really light me up and make me feel totally free and happy.  Have I replaced my income yet? Heck no! But I know I will, and then some.

If you’re not happy with something in your career or business – what is it that you actually do want?  What’s your ideal scenario for how you make money? You can change your situation!


But how can I [practice self care/travel/do what I want] when it literally costs dollars and cents?!

Yup, been there too.  I wanted to do yoga SO BAD, but I couldn’t afford $20 per class.  You know what I did instead? I bought a $10 yoga mat, and I do yoga at home, on YouTube – shout out to Yoga with Adriene.

How about travel?  Okay, it’s not in the budget to spend a month in Spain every year right now.  But I can drive to the beach in an hour. I have friends in cities across the US that I can visit.  I can take a day trip somewhere.

If there is something you want but don’t have money for, can you get that thing on a smaller scale, or maybe less often?  Get creative. Think about what need you’re trying to fill, and find a way to fill it for a lower cost or for free!


I want to [give to others/make some big change] but I need money in order to do that

Once again, been there.  I thought I needed to have this super profitable business which could then support a non-profit, which could then affect and help so many people.  Sure, that may be true.

But that doesn’t mean that I still can’t give back and help others.  I can donate my time. I can offer free services to people in need. Change starts on a small scale.  It’s better to just get started, and I can grow those efforts over time.


Are you starting to feel like I’m not so crazy anymore?

Do you feel like you can achieve a level of freedom, happiness, bliss, joy, etc. without needing a lot of money?

I’ll share some thoughts….

  1. Figure out what you DO want.  It’s easy to know what we DON’T want.  Knowing what you DO want is what can guide real change.
  2. What makes you feel free?  For me, it’s being in nature (the beach!), spending time with loved ones, sharing new experiences, connecting and learning.  I can do all of those things FOR FREE!
  3. Get creative.  You want something but it costs money.  Okay, well why do you want that thing, what are you trying to get from it?  Can you create that feeling another way?
  4. Start small.  You don’t have to “do it up” from day 1.  Start doing the things you want to do on a small scale.  You will grow and evolve over time.
  5. Get your head in the right place.  Ohhh man this is probably the most important one!  Fears, self doubt, limiting beliefs – these are all parts of your ego that will prevent you from moving forward in a way that feels good.
  6. What do you value, what is most important to you?  Do more of this!