Financial Planning For Entrepreneurs

Finally feel confident, clear, and in control of your finances.


You’ve been hustling to grow your business, and you’re doing a great job! You’ve put in the work to get to $100,000 and beyond in revenue.

You’ve started building your financial team. Maybe you have a bookkeeper and an accountant, and that’s great! You have insightful data about what’s already happened financially, but you’re not strategically planning for the future.

Now you’re left wondering if you’re making smart decisions with your money and how to maximize what you’re doing.

You crushed your last launch, but you’re not sure if you should reinvest in the business or take that money out and invest in an IRA. The struggle to balance business and personal financial decisions is real.

When it comes to looking at the numbers, you get overwhelmed and may avoid making financial decisions. What if you find out you’re doing everything wrong? What if the numbers paint the picture of failure?

You wish a financial planner could help you, but you don’t want to work with your Dad’s guy who cares less about you and still doesn’t get what you do.

You’re sick of talking to financial planners just to listen to another life insurance sales pitch and wonder if they’re just trying to sell you something to make money.

Maybe you’ve avoided talking to financial planners all together because you feel like a hot mess. You feel like you need to get your stuff together before having that conversation.


You wish you had that finance guru on your side who gets you. Someone that can tell you what you need to know so that you can focus on your zone of genius



Imagine having a financial partner that can help you to finally get your money stuff together. You feel like a boss knowing that everything’s working for you.

You know that your financial planner has your best interest in mind and finally someone understands your entrepreneurial lifestyle and finances.

Imagine maximizing your profit and making more money with smart financial decisions. You know your money is working for you and that you can sustain what you’re doing and continue to grow.

Your finances are finally part of your business and life planning, and you’re making intentional money moves in order to reach your goals.

You can clearly distinguish between business and personal decisions. You know when to reinvest back into the business, and you’re finally set up and saving into investment accounts and watching your money earn money for you.

You’re a serious business owner, who knows what’s going on with her finances. Now you have a partner who makes it easier to analyze the data, understand it, and plan.

Finances finally feel simple, easy, and fun.

You’re that confident woman whose secure, smart, disciplined, abundant, joyful, and in the flow with your money. You’re making your dream life a reality.

You have a girlfriend on your side who is here to listen and guide you.


Hi, I’m Kristy, the financial planner for entrepreneurs!

I work with established business owners who want to be more strategic with their finances, but they’re feeling stuck. I help them create a holistic, simple, and actionable plan so that they know what to do with their money to make smart money decisions.

Together we will,

-Lay a strong financial foundation and finally get your money stuff together.

-Take a comprehensive view of your personal and business finances so that you can make intentional financial decisions with ease.

-Create a personalized plan for saving, investing, paying off debt, growing your business, and working towards your unique goals so that you know exactly what you need to do.

-Have time and space to talk about money in a supportive environment.

-Feel smart and in control of your money – you’re confident you’re managing it the right way.

Planning Areas We Work On:

Business – 

Pay Yourself

Forecast Future Finances

Plan For Taxes

Maximize Profit

Manage Your Cash


Personal – 

Enjoy Life Today

Plan For Goals

Invest To Build Wealth

Retire Comfortably

Save Intentionally



Phase 1 – Lay Your Foundation 

This is where we lay the groundwork. 

We start by getting organized in your personal and business finances. You’ll have a clear picture of your income, expenses, assets, debt, etc.

From there, we create your financial vision. We’ll talk about your short, mid, and long term goals. We’ll get into the numbers of how much money you’ll need for your goals.

You’ll know what it’ll take to get from where you are today, to where you want to be.

Phase 2 – Create Your Plan

Looking at your full financial picture can bring up a lot. Especially for you high achievers! So we need to break it down. We’ll have 3 planning sessions to dive deep into the financial planning areas that are most important to you.

You’ll understand the gap between where you are and where you want to go. You’ll learn about the options and strategies you can use to get there. You’ll be well armed with the knowledge you need to make the financial decisions that are best for you.

Phase 3 – Work Your Plan

A plan is nothing without taking action to put it into place. That’s why we meet quarterly to Work. That. Plan.

During our quarterly meetings, we’ll review your progress, check in with where you are now, talk about goals and priorities for the next quarter, and create actionable steps to focus on for the next quarter.

This keeps you in action mode without feeling overwhelmed.

We go through these 3 phases over the period of 1 year.

Investment: $5,000 or $424 per month


Let’s Get Started

Are you interested in working with me? Excellent! Here’s how to get started.

  1. Click here to book a free/no obligation chat. You’ll answer a few questions so we make the most of our time together.
  2. We’ll chat about your money goals and what you’ve tried in the past.
  3. If we’re a great fit then you’ll get all the next steps for working together.


Step 1. Click here to apply.

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Step 3. Receive instructions for how to get started working together.


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