The Entrepreneur’s Financial Plan

Create a plan for your finances to reach your goals and make smart money decisions - in a simple, fun, and actionable way!

You’re sick and tired of wondering if you’re making smart money decisions with your money.

You’ve got some pretty big goals, but if you don’t figure out your finances, you’re going to stay stuck.

Your business is in full-on growth mode. You’re no longer worrying about paying your bills or if you’ll have enough money for taxes. But you don’t know where to go from here – what’s this next level in your finances look like, and how do you even start to think about this

You work hard, and you want to make the most of your money and know that it’s working for you.

You’re not sure how much you should be earning in your business and what purpose that money is going to serve for your life.

You’re juggling multiple goals, but when it comes to your finances, you get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing, or find yourself questioning the things that you are doing.

You wish you could find a way to make more money and work less. You just want to enjoy your life doing things you enjoy with people you love.

The path to financial freedom is within your reach, all you need to do is start your journey.


You value freedom and you want to build wealth and live out your dreams. You’re ready to take action and create a plan for your money so that you can have the peace of mind that it’s all gonna work out.

Imagine easily making decisions to buy houses and cars, spend freely on your family, give to as many charities as you want, and invest in your future and long term financial security.

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get organized. Having simple systems in place and a clear view of your finances will help you stay on top of your money so that you can execute on your money plan and reach your goals.

You’re intentional with your money, and you know how it’s working for you. You’ve working hard for your money, and you deserve financial freedom and abundance.

You’re that confident woman whose secure, smart, disciplined, abundant, joyful, and in the flow with your money. You’re on a journey to living a life that you love.

You’re finally set up and saving into investment accounts and watching your money earn money for you. Your debt is going down, your lifestyle is improving, and you’re making big purchases with confidence.

You have a girlfriend on your side who is here to listen and guide you.


Hi, I’m Kristy! I’m a financial planner who works with established business owners who are feeling foggy and stuck with their money. I help them create a holistic, simple, and actionable plan so that they know what to do with their money and make smart money decisions.

Together we will,

-Get clear on your short, mid, and long term goals and the money you’ll need to make them happen.

-Take a comprehensive view of your personal and business finances so that you’ll know exactly where you stand.

-Create a personalized plan for saving, investing, paying off debt, and working towards your unique goals so that you know exactly what you need to do to reach your goals.

-Have time and space to talk about money in a supportive environment.

-Feel smart and in control of your money – you’re confident you’re managing it the right way.

Here’s what you get:

  1. Planning Sessions – We’ll meet over video chat to create your holistic financial plan and dig in deep to your most important financial goals.
  2. Private Client Folder on Google Drive – You’ll have everything organized in one place – your financial plan, resources, and tools. So that you can access your money plan anytime anywhere.
  3. The Holistic Plan – You get a big picture AND a step by step plan. We’ll break it down into small, simple action steps so that you can make progress on your finances without feeling overwhelmed.
  4. Unlimited Email Access – you’ll get all your Q’s answered within 24 hours.
  5. Support to Focus and Prioritize – Know what to be doing at any given time so you’re not left feeling overwhelmed and confused.
  6. Accountability – you’ll have support on getting stuff done. No more avoiding!
  7. Advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional – You’ll work with a CFP® pro with 7 years of financial planning experience working with hundreds of clients.
  8. Collaborative Process – We create your plan together, using your goals and unique financial situation, my knowledge and expertise of money, and discussion about different options and their pros and cons, so that together, we can create a plan that works for you.
  9. Educational Process – I’m not here to use lingo or talk over you. You’ll receive education about the financial topics that apply to you in language that you understand.
  10. A Safe Place – This is a judgment-free zone. You can speak openly and honestly and receive the support and guidance you need from someone whose cheering you on and has your back.

Session 1 – Your Financial Foundation 

This is where we lay the groundwork. We’ll talk about your short, mid, and long term goals. We’ll get into the numbers of how much money you’ll need for your goals.

We will also take a comprehensive look at your current financial situation – your income, expenses, assets, debt, etc. Bring a profit and loss statement for your business so we can see how that ties into your finances.

Session 2 – Your Holistic Financial Plan

After the first session, Kristy will spend some time crunching the numbers and building your plan.

During our meeting, you’ll receive your holistic financial plan. Your plan will show you if you’re on track for your goals, the areas of opportunity for you in your planning, and we’ll start to figure out your course of action.

Other sessions – depending on how many goals you have and the complexity of your financial situation, we will have other sessions to dive deeper into each area of your finances.

Sessions can be about – Investments, Savings Plan, Debt Repayment, Budgeting, Tax Management, Business Finances, Insurance Planning, Buying a House, etc.

After our initial (free) money chat, you’ll know exactly what the scope of our work together will look like.

You can finally create a plan for your money that’s simple, effective, and dare I say…fun!

Investment: Starts at $999


Let’s Get Started

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  2. We’ll chat about your money goals and what you’ve tried in the past.
  3. If we’re great then you’ll get all the next steps for working together.


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