Financial Foundations

Everybody should learn about personal finance in school, but instead, we learn loads of information that is never used again.

Meanwhile, after struggling to budget, save, and pay down debt, you’re really wishing you learned how to manage your money.

Financial Foundations will help you set money goals, look at your numbers and understand them, learn foundational personal finance skills and habits, and create an action plan that is easy to follow.

You’ll get your house in order, have a plan for the future, and know the habits and skills you need to go from hot mess express to peace of mind for the future.



Personal Money Planning

You’re feeling overwhelmed balancing multiple money goals. You don’t know what to do with your money or if you’re making smart decisions.

You’d rather avoid your money than figure it out, and you’re sick of feeling like you’re not getting anywhere.

Couples Financial Planning is the place to get it all worked out. Together, you’ll set money goals, understand your current finances, take action to combine or not combine different elements of your finances and create an action plan for the future that is easy to follow.

You’ll have your family’s financial plan worked out and learn the habits and skills you need to accomplish your goals together.



Business Financial Coaching

There are so many things to be doing in your business, and it’s no surprise that one of your least favorite areas – your finances – isn’t getting the attention it needs.

You have big goals to grow your business and make more profit, but it all feels overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start.
It’s pretty darn difficult!

Business Financial Coaching helps you work towards money goals in your business. Money goals that are based on the type of life you want to live, how you want to spend your time, and the impact you want to make.

You’ll get the systems and strategy you need to set up your business to give you the time and money you want to live your dream life.