Do you ever sit in a state of financial stress and overwhelm feeling completely alone like you have no one to talk to and you’re probably the only one who is having this crazy stress anyway?!

You look around at friends and colleagues and think that they have it all figured out.  One just bought a new house, the other spoke excitedly about her budgeting system, and meanwhile, you’re scrolling Instagram and seeing all the vacations, cute outfits, and nights on the town, wondering why you can’t have that life.

How is it that you’re the only one with money stress, while everyone else is out there living their best life?!  Who can you talk to about this without feeling judged?!

Girllllll, let me break it down.  Everyone has financial stress. The image that is projected to the outside world is often not the full picture.  When I dig deeper with clients, I see that we all have the same worries and fears (myself included).

Everyone is stressed about practical things like paying down debt, saving and investing, and learning the language of money

Everyone faces money mindset issues too, like fears and limiting beliefs.  No one truly has it all figured out 100% of the time. New challenges and roadblocks constantly come up in life, and it’s the same way with money.  You overcome an obstacle, then a new one comes up.

There’s so much shame and fear of judgement around money that many people don’t open up about what’s really going on beneath the surface.  So of course you’re going to think that everyone else has it all figured out, and you’re the only one with concerns and stress. Nope! The opposite is true, we all have the same stress.

Sure, from one person to the next it may be a different issue.  One may be concerned about investing and retirement, while the other is concerned about paying down debt, but those underlying feelings are universal.  

I’ve worked with multi-millionaires who are concerned about running out of money in retirement.  The numbers and the concerns may vary, but the feelings are the same.

Why do I tell you this?  To help you realize that you’re not alone.  You are not the only one who feels fears, anxieties, and overwhelm from time to time.  That’s a completely normal way to feel about your finances. So don’t beat yourself up.  Give yourself grace that it’s okay to feel that way.

There are ways to overcome those fears, stresses, and negative thoughts, and I encourage you to work on that, but I also want you to know that it’s okay, and very common, to feel that way.

Recognize that you are not alone and that if you’re feeling this way right now, you can change your current situation.

You can release shame, release fears, learn how to cope with your stress.  There are tools that you can use when you find yourself in a negative state to get yourself back on track and feeling good.

If this is speaking to you, and you’re thinking “YES GIRL, I need to talk this through!”  I will hold that space for you in a judgement free zone. You can schedule a free money chat with me, and you can vent and let it all out.