I never knew what money mindset was until I became a financial planner. Now in my 5th year in practice, I’ve experienced many different financial situations with different personality types and different money philosophies.

In my practice, I help people through the most intimate financial decisions, and that has shown me just how closely money and mindset are connected.

Think about your financial life. Have you ever felt fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, or avoidance? Most of us have at times, because we’re human after all.

My work in helping heal money mindset involves creating better money habits, setting clear financial goals, helping clients get organized, creating processes and systems for financial management, and providing accountability to taking action.

I believe in providing financial guidance in a judgement free zone and creating a plan that aligns with personal values, goals, and emotions.

Sometimes people aren’t ready to engage in financial planning because there are emotional blockers preventing them from taking action. I understand the fear, the anxiety. You don’t want to be judged. You don’t want to feel stupid, and you don’t want to be told that you’re not doing a good job.

Working through those financial emotional blockers can make all the difference in reaching life goals and good financial practices can help eliminate financial stress and fear.

So you can probably imagine my excitement when I met Diane Sussman, a money mindset coach, at the NAWBO Philadelphia Center City Power Friday (NAWBO, the National Association of Women Business Owners, hosts Power Friday meetings every Friday and brings together a group of amazing female entrepreneurs).

After meeting Diane, she led me through a money mindset session, we shared a couple of meals at the Corner Bakery, and we co-hosted a workshop together.  Afterwards, I had some great learnings about money mindset.

One of my favorite exercises is to think about the money messages that you heard from your parents or society growing. What did your parents say to you about money.  What did you hear from society about money? Can you connect that with an instance in your financial life today? Become aware of the “stories” you tell yourself about money and how that appears in your day to day life.

Diane has taught me about awareness of the “WHY” connected to financial emotions, the process of mending old habits and thought patterns, and tools to keep money mindset positive and focused on abundance.

How would you describe your money mindset?  What is one action step you can take to explore or start healing your money mindset? The best way to ensure something gets done is to create accountability.

Email Hello@OnRouteFinancial.com with what your action step is and when you will complete that action step, and I will hold you ACCOUNTABLE.