One of my favorite things about financial planning is that it’s a tool that you can use to make things happen. So why not use that tool to create the life and business of your dreams? We often get so stuck in the day to day that we forget to take a step back and think about the bigger picture.

We forget to think about the things that are truly important to us. But if we were able to focus on what’s most important, wouldn’t we be more fulfilled in our family life, career, legacy, health, happiness?

You do have the ability to live your ideal life, your purpose, and truly enjoy the things that are most important. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t easy. You’re not going to wake up tomorrow doing exactly what you want to do, when you want to do it. I’m also not saying that life doesn’t happen and that obstacles don’t get in the way, but we can get pretty close.

An ideal life requires time and money, and that’s why we need to plan for it. 

A great place to start is to spend time envisioning your ideal life. This can be done in your mind, through journaling, through working with a coach, friend, or family member. Maybe you already know what this looks like.  I’m going to share 5 areas that I hear from people regularly.

Family and Close Relationships – Being present, providing care and education, securing the future for the next generation, having new experiences

Career – Building a team, outsourcing, delegating, making impact, investing in our businesses, starting a new venture

Health – Diet, exercise, mindset, self-care

Community – Support, like-mindedness, charitable giving, impact

Financial – save for education expenses, go on vacation, pay off debt, retire

All of these areas have a time or money aspect, which is where financial planning becomes important.

Some tips for you:

Now that you have envisioned your ideal life, pick your top 1-3 most important goals.

The next step is to figure out when you would like to accomplish each goal, and how much money you will need.

If your goal seems too big, break it down into smaller steps and start with that first, small step.

It can be helpful to save for your goal in a separate account so you’re not tempted to spend the money.

Making savings systematic. It’s a set it and forget it. The money comes out of your account automatically just like a bill and becomes a part of your cash flow.

Business owners with variable cash flow, don’t be afraid of this! It’s much easier to go in and stop that automatic savings, then to remember to consistently save each month.

When you have saved enough for your goal, TAKE ACTION! This is when you can reap the rewards of your hard work and get one step closer to living your ideal life!