Money can feel so heavy. It can feel like a weight on your shoulders or the thing that keeps your mind racing until 2 am. 

It’s okay to feel that way, and totally normal. But here’s a different perspective to money.

What if money was a tool that you could use to design and live your DREAM life – whatever that looks like to YOU?

What if you give yourself full permission to desire anything you want, and then go out into the world and make that happen for yourself?! 

And not in an icky way, where you’re greedy or selfish. But in a way where you’re able to be the best version of you, and in turn, help others to be the best version of themselves.

While even a financial professional like myself deals with money emotions, ultimately, I see how you can set up your finances to support you in accomplishing and living a life that you love.

And often, it’s not the money that’s holding people back, it’s their thoughts and beliefs about money.

It’s about…

  • Being clear about what you want and feeling good about it.
  • Believing that you’re worthy and deserving enough to have what you desire.
  • Being willing to keep showing up for your dreams, regardless of fears and the roadblocks that will inevitably try to throw you off your path.

So if you’re thinking “YES! I want to be strategic with my money and use it to create and live a life that I love,” here’s an exercise that you can do to get started.

The exercise is to visualize your dream life – what does your best life actually look like?

Grab a pen and paper, and think about 4 time periods in the future.

1. 1 Year

2. 5 Years

3. 10 Years

4. 20 Years

For each time period, write out a vision for your future self 

To get your brain going, think about things like… Where are you, who are you with, what are you doing? What’s family life look like? Career? Personal life? How are you feeling? What have you accomplished? What do you do for fun? 

Anything that comes to mind about your future self and how you envision your life. Don’t overthink this, just have fun with it! 

You may be wondering why this exercise is important? Well, it’s because the first step to creating a life that you love is knowing what that life looks like and what you want for yourself! 

Also, you don’t have to have it all figured out. These visions will change and evolve over time as you grow. There may be parts that are still fuzzy to you, or that you’re unsure of, and that’s okay too! 

Want more exercises to help money feel lighter and more fun? This is just one exercise included in the 6 day Money Goal Course, a free course designed to help you stop avoiding your money and set goals that are fun, simple, and actionable.  

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