Have you ever felt completely unmotivated to focus on your money?

Maybe you’ve been putting it off for too long, or it just feels like a dreaded task that you don’t want to do at all.

You want to focus on your finances, but you just can’t get yourself motivated.

One exercise that may help bring you some inspiration to start taking action is to find your WHY for your money goals.

Finding your WHY can help shift your view away from feeling icky and weird about your money and bring in a new excitement.

Think about a money goal that you have right now. Let’s find your WHY for that money goal.

So what does this look like? I’ll walk you through an example of this using one of my current financial goals.

My goal: Purchase a home in the suburbs and rent out our current home in Philadelphia.

I’ve had this goal for a couple of years now, but I only recently took action on it and started saving. The above goal was not enough to get me out of the bed in the morning doing happy dances.

I had to dig deeper. I sat and visualized this goal and thought about what it meant to me. Ask yourself – what does it look like when you’ve accomplished your goal and how do you feel? What impact will this goal have on your life?

WHY is this goal so important to you?

After some further reflection, I realized this goal was bigger than just buying another house.

Family is my greatest value in life, and I’m so excited to be a mom one day and have a family of my own! This home is representative of a cozy environment where I can raise my future children. There are going to be a lot of memories and quality time spent in this home.

I can see a beautiful, green, backyard, where I can go outside with my morning coffee and feel the calming effects of nature (not the honking that wakes me up at all hours of the night in the city). My future kids can play and my future puppy can roam free there. I can even start a garden and grow my own veggies.

I visualize something that is beautifully decorated and makes me feel calm and happy. My home office is a place filled with inspiration and a place where I can show up to work as my best self.

This home is somewhere I can live while my current home is rented out and bringing in rental income. I had to dig into that deeper – why do I want to rent my current home as opposed to just selling it?

Well, I see it as a great addition to my money portfolio. I can create equity in the house with someone else paying my mortgage and also through the appreciation of the home value over time.

Freedom is my WHY.

It’s something that I can come back to and live in when my kids are out of the house, and I want to downsize. I can gift the home to my children one day. I can sell it in 30 years and fund my long term goals. There are choices and options, and that freedom is what really motivates me.

You can see the difference between “I want to buy a house” and “I want a home where I can raise my family, feel good in my environment, and create choices for myself down the road.”

I went from saving $0 for years to now saving $500 per month, with plans to increase that as my income increases.

That’s just my current example, but you can apply this to any financial goal.

Your goal and “why” may be totally different than mine, and that’s the point! It’s gotta be something that resonates with you so deeply that you’re excited and inspired enough to stop ignoring your finances and spring into action!

You may also realize that what you once thought was a financial goal isn’t actually something that you care that much about, and that actually, you set that goal because you were trying to solve a problem or you thought that’s what you “should” do, rather than because it’s something you truly value.

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