You may find yourself feeling stuck or avoiding your money. Maybe you’re not feeling great with how your finances are going, and it’s hard to get motivated to face the numbers.

When you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and stressed out, of course it’s going to be hard to get yourself motivated to work on your finances!

I’d love to take you out of that headspace for a minute and ask you to think about what money means to you, in a positive and fun way.

What does money mean to you right now?

It could be that money means you get to have a roof over your head and feed yourself. Money may mean that you can spend time focusing on your health and wellness. It could be that money allows you to build a business from your passion and discover your purpose. What does that look like for you now?

What does money mean to you in your future?

One of the most common answers I hear is “freedom.” Great! What does freedom look like to you?

Here are some ideas about what money could mean to you…

  • Becoming a super present mom.
  • Working as much or as little as you want, without sacrificing income.
  • Your family can have stability, pursue their dreams, get an education without debt.
  • Start or donate to a nonprofit to give back to women, children, and communities in need.
  • Be comfortable in your dream home. Spend summers at the beach.
  • Travel and create amazing experiences and memories with your family
  • Live off investment income and have the choice to continue to work.
  • Invest in women-owned businesses, employ women, make an economic impact.
  • show up as your authentic self. Live free with joy and happiness.
  • Bring people together, create communities, impact lives, leave a legacy.
  • Money means Freedom. Choice. Family. Giving. Spirituality. Joy. Happiness.

It’s not so much about the meaning of money as it’s about the meaning of life. Money itself isn’t positive or negative, good or bad. It’s a tool, an energy force, a spiritual exchange. Something that can help you live a life that means something to you.

While you’re thinking about your visions and goals for the future, it can be hard to hold onto such lofty ambitions when you feel so far away from that in the day to day.

The beauty of this is that you can still find value and meaning in life without large sums of money. You can create memories with my family, enjoy new experiences, and give to others without all that cash money.

Money just gives you more options and the choice to do it up as you please. But you don’t have to wait until you have more money to live a life that you love.

The meaning of money is different for everyone. We’re all so unique that everyone will have their own money journey. Your version of this will not be the same as any other human on this earth. Your personality, life experiences, and beliefs are totally unique to you and only you.

That’s something to embrace. It’s also something to share with each other, and support each other on, regardless of our differences.

We all have a common goal, and that is to live a life that is meaningful to us. Figure out what that looks like for you, and within that, you will find what money means to you.

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